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Enhance Your Celebration with Personalized Cake Decorations

At Food Safe Cake Topper, we are passionate about adding a unique and personalized touch to your cakes with our array of letter candles and cake toppers. If your cake is looking sober and you need a more detailed decoration resembling your choice and requirements, we are here to help! Our collection is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and occasions, be it birthdays, wedding cakes, celebration, valentine’s or the likes:

Our Range of Products

Here is what you can expect from us:

Letter Candles for Cake

These candles are perfect for personalizing any cake, from birthday cakes to celebratory cakes for other occasions. They add a whimsical touch, spelling out names, initials, or meaningful words.

Letter Birthday Candles

Celebrate birthdays with an extra special touch using our letter birthday candles. Whether it's a first name, nickname, or a simple 'Happy Birthday' message, these candles make every birthday cake unique and personal.

Letter Cake Topper

Our letter cake toppers are crafted to be the centerpiece of your cake decoration. Available in various styles and fonts, they add elegance and a personalized charm to your cakes, suitable for weddings, anniversaries, or any special event.

Alphabet Cake Toppers

Offering endless possibilities for customization, our alphabet cake toppers allow you to get creative with your cake designs. Use them to spell out full names, significant dates, or even short messages.

Customization and Quality

Each of our letter candles and toppers is made with attention to detail and quality. We ensure that they are not only visually appealing but also food-safe, making them perfect for any celebration.

Versatility and Style

Our range is versatile, fitting various themes and styles, from elegant and classic to fun and playful.

We at Food Safe Cake Topper are dedicated to making your celebrations more memorable with our custom and unique cake decorations. Visit us to explore our full collection and find the perfect letter candles and cake toppers for your next celebration.